Welcome BlackySeptember 05, 2012


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Indonesia 2012August 18, 2012

So we just got back home after yet another all time Indo adventure. This time around Mentawais, Bali, Nias and Lombok. Epic as always! Can't wait till next year.

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Trunk Junk QuarterlyMay 02, 2012

So a little while back one of our illustrators and friends Matthew Skiff scored a sweet write up in Trunk Junk Quarterly. We were lucky enough to have our To The Depths tee art featured as the title page for Matts article. Stoked! Please go check out the guys at Trunk Junk, it's a great little publication, the detail and care put into every aspect of the magazine and business is to be admired.

You can check out Trunk Junk here and you can check out the to the depths tee in our store by clicking here

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Business cardsApril 30, 2012

These just came in, stoked! Is it weird that i get excited about business cards? I think i just froth over anything freshly printed.

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Getting Shit OrganisedApril 29, 2012

So the office that we have been working out of was starting to look like a dump. So we did a bit of re-organising. It was so refreshing to get it sorted. We bought some real desks to replace the shitty trestle tables we were using, my computer screen actually sit's level now. We got some shelving and made a bit of a makeshift warehouse in the living room so we could get all the bulky stock boxes out of the tiny closet and off the floor. Next step to get some more sweet screen printed poster and art to hang on the walls...

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We shot the range on the guys today, was a bunch of fun, and the photos came out great! Girls shoot next weekend. Thanks to all my friends for taking the time to help out, i'm very grateful to be surrounded by friends who are stoked to see me succeed, you are massive motivators for me, thank you.

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